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Full Service Alternative Dispute Resolution

Conflict is common in the workplace and in your personal life. We lead you to win-win resolutions through a conscious, transformative approach to conflict resolution. ADR Centerpoint brings a wealth of experience across the spectrum, from mediation to arbitration, as well as conflict coaching, group training, workplace restoration and investigations. Let us empower you with the right tools to quickly take control of your conflict and create sensible and sustainable solutions. We work quickly and efficiently so you can move forward with peace of mind. We provide the highest level of service grounded in ethics, confidentiality and privacy.

Benefits of ADR

  • Creates a faster, cheaper and a more efficient path to resolution.

  • Allows for a higher degree of privacy and confidentiality compared to the public nature of the court system or formal legal processes.

  • Presents an opportunity for positive transformation creating goodwill and value added for all participants by addressing the root problem.

  • Affords increased control and flexibility with parties being able to choose their ADR practitioner, timing and processes

  • Enhanced satisfaction with outcomes that maintain relationships and provide longer term sustainable solutions

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Alternative dispute resolution includes a range of options to resolving disputes whether in a business or personal setting using the assistance of a neutral third party. The aim is to avoid the high costs, stress and uncertainty of litigation or another formal legal process. 

In addition to being stressful, conflict is emotionally and financially draining. Typical responses range from avoidance to aggression to compromise. Too often, people think of solutions in terms of binary options: Win-Lose or in the case of a compromise, even Lose-Lose. Such approaches may resolve problems temporarily, but it leaves a lot on the table. Worse it can breed resentment and brew problems in ongoing relationships. ADR Centerpoint believes that there is a Win-Win Plus option waiting to be discovered, transforming conflict into a positive opportunity for growth. For a workplace, approach to dispute resolution increases productivity, employee engagement and enhances workplace culture.

ADR Centerpoint’s options include: negotiation, mediation, conflict coaching, arbitration, adjudication. ADR Centerpoint also offers individual and group training. Contact ADR Centerpoint to see how we can quickly and efficiently lead you to solutions, transforming conflict into a positive opportunity for growth.

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Conflict coaching is a voluntary process where a trained coach works one-on-one to empower individuals to independently manage workplace or personal disputes or prepare for another ADR process such as mediation. Conflict coaching can also assist in preparing for a challenging interaction e.g. a performance review or disciplinary conversation, or a presentation likely to generate an adverse reaction.

​Driven by your conflict management goals, ADR Centerpoint's conflict coaching is non-judgmental, future-focused and result-oriented.  Incorporating personal growth principles, you will increase confidence as you move towards producing extraordinary results in business and life.



Mental fitness coaching starts as a six-week program combining daily practice via a world-class Positive Intelligence® app, weekly lectures and coaching. The  program creates new neural pathways and builds powerful habits to achieve measurable personal, team and organizational impact.


ADR Centerpoint is committed to offering a customizable program catered to your individual and organizational needs. The program has been proven to boost individual and team performance, wellbeing and strengthen relationships in organizations including Fortune 500 companies.

Couple in Mediation


In mediation a neutral third person assists parties to reach a voluntary settlement to resolve their dispute. Mediation is voluntary, confidential and unbiased.

ADR Centerpoint is strongly committed to empowering parties to lead them to balanced and sustainable solutions using a fair process. You can be assured that you will be heard and that your conflict will be addressed with our full attention and passionate commitment to practical solutions regardless of the complexity of the matter or personalities involved.

Giving a Presentation


Education is the best form of conflict prevention. ADR Centerpoint provides cost-effective individual and group training tailored to meet your organization’s needs. Our training addresses effective communication, having difficult conversations, and successful conflict management, which will leave your employees with the skills and confidence improving productivity, employee engagement and workplace culture.


On-line training is available.


Speaking at Seminar


Elevate your organizational events with ADR Centerpoint’s speaking services. Rekha brings a wealth of experience as a lawyer and a committed mental fitness advocate. She delivers profound insights and practical strategies, tailored to the needs of your organization.


Rekha speaks on an array of topics including: conflict resolution, workplace wellness, team building and mindfulness. Her presentations are designed to be not just informative but transformative, aimed at improving individual and organizational productivity, performance and happiness. 

Mental Fitness

Welcome to Mental Fitness Coaching

Improve your well-being, build stronger personal & professional relationships and achieve peak performance through the Positive Intelligence® framework. Working with ADR Centerpoint, you lay the foundation of mental fitness through a world-class app, lectures and coaching.


  • 90% Use Mental / Emotional Energy More Effectively

  • 76% Improve Ability to Develop Others

  • 92% Better at Teamwork and Collaboration



  • 85% Increase Happiness

  • 91% Manage Stress Better

  • 83% Improve Self-Confidence


  • 82% Improve Relationships

  • 84% Better at Conflict Management

  • 97% Improve Empathy

Build Powerful Habits

Often we go to the gym and workout to improve our physical health but neglect our mental health. Building mental fitness helps leaders, entrepreneurs and teams maximize potential by stemming stress, negative emotions and self-sabotage. The Mental Fitness program creates new neural pathways and is scientifically designed to achieve measurable personal, team and organizational impact resulting in increased happiness, self-mastery and peak performance.

Immediate and Sustained Improvement

Most attempts at positive change, fail because we stop at insight without building a positive practice. Guided by the breakthrough research-based tools, Positive Intelligence® can translate into sustained change, so you can navigate conflict, as well as work and life’s challenges easier with a more positive mindset.


Proven Results for Performance and Wellness

The Positive Intelligence® framework has boosted Mental fitness across hundreds of organizations and improved the lives of employees including Fortune 500 companies.

What people say about working with Rekha

Adrianne Machina

I thought the program was phenomenal.


The PQ program really opened my eyes and Rekha was a big part of that.


What’s the time commitment?

  • 15 minutes daily

  • 1-hour video lecture once per week

  • 1 weekly coaching session


Sub-optimal mental fitness costs you far more time than this initial investment. Your efficiency, energy and productivity will be exponentially boosted for years to come.

Is this the right program for me?

This is the right program if you are:

  • committed to improving you and your team’s performance and effectiveness while dramatically reducing stress;

  • looking for a science-based and trusted system to make positive change stick; and

  • willing to put in the initial effort to rewire years of mental habits that don’t serve you or your organization


Should we participate as a team?

Even though the focus of the program is individual development, team leaders often call this the best team building experience.


Going through this program together significantly deepens trust, helps clear the air related to recurrent conflicts, and provides a common framework for growth, decision making, responding to setbacks, and managing conflicting styles and agendas.

Speaking Rekha.jpg

Speaking With Impact



Meet Rekha, an experienced lawyer with a deep commitment to promoting mental well-being. Merging her expertise with her dedication to wellness, she is poised to elevate your events.


  • Communication & Conflict Solutions: Using her legal insights, Rekha demystifies disputes, guiding audiences on how to approach and resolve them effectively and amicably.

  • Workplace Wellness: She provides practical strategies for creating positive and productive work environments, emphasizing the importance of employee well-being for augmenting productivity, strengthening teams and outcomes.

  • Mindfulness: In today's fast-paced and diverse world, building resilience is essential. Rekha introduces mindfulness practices in relatable terms, assisting attendees in integrating peace and focus into their daily routines.

Rekha's talks stand out for their practicality and engagement. Each presentation is tailored to resonate with the audience, ensuring that everyone gains actionable insights.



Insight from others:

"The seminar you conducted on Mental Fitness and Dispute Resolution in the Workplace was truly fruitful and interactive, capturing the attention of our attendees and sparking engaging discussions throughout the session. The depth of knowledge and expertise you shared with the audience was truly impressive, and we received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the participants."

Pramila Javaheri

Executive Director 

ADR Institue of Ontario

"Her talk on Mental Fitness was excellent and included breakout sessions to help our group develop strategies related to the topic. Rekha created a comfortable environment for everyone to explore Mental Fitness, and even led us through a meditation session! Thank you, Rekha for a powerful talk! Everyone appreciated what they learned from you."


Felix Leung, MD, FRCPC


Ontario Rheumatology Association

Listen to Rekha Lakra:


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Rekha Lakra

B.A., LL.B., M.B.A., Q. Med, Q. Arb, WFA

Rekha Lakra is passionate about helping leaders and organizations transform conflict into a positive opportunity for change. As a lawyer with a M.B.A., she has decades of experience with tier one multinationals, international negotiations and presiding over hundreds of high-stake cases. Rekha understand first-hand the complexity of organizational structures and the interpersonal dynamics leading to conflict.


Using a transformational approach, she helps improve productivity, employee engagement and organizational culture. She works one on one with individuals and leaders; as well as trains teams to discover the gifts hidden behind conflict. She is confident that they exist, waiting to be discovered! She not only assists with resolving the current dispute, but also employs the principles of recognition, empowerment and personal growth to generate longer-term sustainable and improved outcomes.


Rekha has specialized training in conflict  resolution, is a qualified mediator and arbitrator, conflict coach, workplace fairness analyst and workplace investigator. In addition, she is amongst the first to be awarded the distinction of a chartered community mediator. A life-long learner, she has a proven track record of published outcomes reflecting fairness, equality and justice. View published decisions.


Outside of work, she spends time with her three amazing children, plays tennis and writes fiction. Currently she is finishing a literary novel about two teenagers ensnared in an organ trafficking crime ring, a high-conflict topic she is passionate about as the issue of transplantation brushed her family. Ultimately, her mission is to spark an international conversation raising awareness about organ trafficking.​​

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Agueda Sanchez

This coaching helped me negotiate and get one of the best options I've had in my life.

The immediate effect after working with Rekha ... was my ability of using this coaching in  interviews for which I ended up getting multiple job offers.

Glenn Evans

She provided tools and strategies that each of us immediately applied in our current work environment.

Rekha's course delivered on all points.

Brenda Bryson

Now I actually see conflict as an opportunity rather than something that I want to run away from. 

She came up with so many

great strategies on how to approach conflict in a such a way that it preserved my integrity and the integrity of the people that I was working with through it.


“Rekha is intelligent, courteous, enthusiastic, respectful of the opinions of others, and is approachable with lots of great insight. When I asked her for advice, she was very honest and open with her own experiences and provided me with helpful tips and suggestions . . . her dedication inspires me.

She took the time to carefully explain the ADR process with potential clients, ensuring that they fully understood what will take place. In mediation, she had excellent active listening skills, looking for the root cause of the issues and allowing participants to come to their own resolutions that fit their own needs. Rekha aimed at having the voices of the participants heard, having them lead the process. She was extremely professional and helped deescalate many difficult situations, which is not a skill that many mediators have.”           

Sandy Labib, J.D.

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What is Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)?

Alternative dispute resolution includes a range of options to resolving a disputes whether in a business or personal setting outside of a traditional legal process. The aim is to avoid the high costs, stress and uncertainty of litigation or another formal legal process and can be used in tandem. Parties chose which ADR process to resolve a conflict, and it is usually voluntary and confidential. ADR options include facilitation, mediation, conflict coaching, arbitration and adjudication. The best way to avoid litigation is to improve conflict management through education and training.

Can You Avoid Conflict?

The simple answer: you can’t. Contrary to popular belief and maybe even initial instincts, this is a good thing. Conflict can be a positive opportunity for transformation when parties are empowered with the tools to address it effectively. The best way to avoid the escalation of a dispute is to improve conflict management processes and adopt effective communication via education and training.

ADR Centerpoint offers a range of options from one-on-one conflict coaching to group training to a holistic workplace consultation and restoration process. Contact us to discuss a tailor-made program for you or your organization which will increase productivity, engagement and improve workplace culture.

Should You Consider ADR?

If you have a dispute either professionally or personally, you should consider ADR as a quicker and more cost-effective, private path to reaching a win-win resolution as long as communication has not irretrievably broken down. Mediation requires the voluntary participation of all parties. In some cases, it’s beneficial to engage in conflict coaching in advance of mediation.

When Should You Consider ADR?


Generally, the sooner the better. With time, parties can become more rigid in their positions, convinced that they are “right”. Even if you’ve started a legal process, you can still use ADR. Some courts and tribunals require that you participate in mandatory ADR before continuing the legal process.

When should You not use ADR?

There are certain disputes which are not suitable for ADR. ADR processes are generally voluntary or used upon agreement and parties participate in good faith. Mediation is not suitable, for example, when violence is involved, communication has irretrievably been broken down or there is such a significant power imbalance that cannot be managed even with a seasoned ADR practitioner. The courts may provide enhanced protection to parties and are better positioned to address certain matters. ADR may not be suitable where parties wish to establish a precedent, wish for a formal judicial ruling, a court order is necessary to enforce a judgment etc.

Can ADR be done online?

Yes. We offer services in across the globe via technology allowing for effective online alternative dispute resolution.

How Long Does it Take?

We work fast and efficiently. Mediations start at half days and can last for a full day or multiple days. Conflict Coaching is booked by the hour in block packages. Individual and group training can be customized to suit your needs. Arbitral decisions and reasons are provided quickly. Workplace restoration and investigations completed on an agreed upon timeline. Book a complimentary consultation to determine how we can best help you.


ADR Centerpoint recognizes the importance of protecting personal information. Personal information is only collected by ADR Centerpoint in the context of improving upon serving clients’ needs or to promote our services.  The collection of personal information is limited to the purposes for which it was collected, and will only be used for those purposes. ADR Centerpoint does not sell information about clients or individuals. Your personal information will never be shared with other parties unless consent is obtained or as required or permitted by law.


If you have any questions or concerns about how your information is being used, please contact us:

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